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Nova Scotia Band Association
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There are many important reasons to be a member of the Nova Scotia Band Association.  Here are just a few…

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Why join the Nova Scotia Band Association?

  1. Because you are a band director, a band supporter, a musician, or someone who works in the music industry.
  2. It is a great opportunity to share ideas, experiences, music and stories about your programs and ensembles.
  3. Members of NSBA are also members of CBA – the Canadian Band Association
  4. The CBA provides our provincial honour ensembles – Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble, Nova Scotia Junior Wind Ensemble and Nova Scotia Honour Jazz – with important liability insurance for NSBA members’ students. The students in these honour ensembles – or their band director – must be members of the NSBA as they must have liability insurance to participate.
  5. You will have access to the Canadian Band Association Directory; connecting you with colleagues across the country for exchanges or simply finding where your friends are living.
  6. You will receive Canadian Winds (twice a year), a professional national publication from CBA. It is full of interesting articles, music reviews, stories, pedagogy and inspiration! These articles are written by CBA members from across the country, offering great insight into all aspects of banding.
  7. You will have the NSBA’s bi-weekly e-newsletter e-mailed to you with upcoming events, reviews, free internet resources, fundraising ideas, classifieds and repertoire suggestions.
  8. Members are able to send students at a reduced rate to the NSBA Awards Luncheon. You can honour a student from your band program. You can purchase a plaque for the student and a keeper plaque for the school (reduced pricing for NSBA members).
  9. Learn what works other schools are programming in their concerts, what they do for fundraisers, where they are traveling and what type of venues they are playing in.
  10. Information on post-secondary institutions and the programs they offer.
  11. Your students may be eligible for a $500 James Hargreaves Memorial Scholarship.
  12. We recognize outstanding educators and performers with the NSBA Honourary Lifetime Achievement Award. Recipients of this award are always extremely humbled and honoured when they are recognized by our association. Without the NSBA, who will recognize these outstanding role models in our profession?
  13. Being a member of the NSBA shows that you have a common bond and share common beliefs with many others in our province. The stronger our membership becomes, the more opportunities we will have for our members and our students.
  14. For industry professionals, NSBA membership offers a great network to promote your product or service. It also gets your logo included on our website and in every issue of our e-newsletter.
  15. Other Interests of the Nova Scotia Band Association include:
    • UNB Tuba Festival
    • Ron MacKay Beginner Band Festival
    • List of clinicians
    • Student Recognition Award

Membership dues are $50.00 per year for a personal membership, $30.00 for students/retired music teachers, and $100.00 for corporate/institutions/ensembles.

If you are a school music teacher, you can have your Band Parents’ Association pay the dues for you!

Please complete our secure, online registration form here and join the Nova Scotia Band Association!

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