Nova Scotia Music Teachers,

I am so pleased to be able to send this email with news of revised guidelines for performing arts courses. Here are a few of the highlights regarding the Music Education guidance document:

A simplified, succinct, and clearer document based on the feedback that has been received and the most current evidence available to support updates

A unified approach between arts and physical education courses (a revised physical education document is in the process of being reviewed)

The use of broader, less prohibitive language, allowing teachers more flexibility in planning learning opportunities while still adhering to Public Health Guidance

Generally, the Public Health principle is stated up front, followed by examples of what that may look like in the delivery of music education

The inclusion of playing recorder and updated singing guidance

A clarification regarding virtual performances

There are other important bits of information contained within, so I encourage you to review the complete document when you have a moment. I hope music teachers will find this to be helpful and a little easier to navigate. I have attached the document in this email for your perusal. The doc can also be found on the curriculum website at this link:

Guiding & Supporting Documents Related to Curriculum and Program Needs for Back to School

Thank you, thank you!


Ardith Haley (she/her/hers)
Arts Education Consultant
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
English Program Services
2021 Brunswick Street
Halifax NS B3J 2S9

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