NSBA Outstanding Band Director Award

2020 Nominees


This award will be given annually to the band director that has made an outstanding contribution to the band community in Nova Scotia.

These qualities include:
Perseverance and Enthusiasm
Collaborative Spirit

 2020 Nominees are:
David Burtt
Chris Ward
Paul Hutten
Read below the description of how the nominee has made an outstanding contribution to the band community in Nova Scotia.


Voting will take place at the end of the week.

All NSBA Members in good standing for 2020 will be able to vote.
Community Bands will have one vote per band.
Institutional Members will have one vote per membership.

David Burtt
Halifax West High School
David has taught instrumental band in Nova Scotia for 25 years. He is a dedicated and talented educator who definitely goes the “extra mile” for his students. he conducts concert and jazz bands, as well as the pit for the West’s annual musical. David is a dedicated member of NSBA. He has committed hi time to projects such as conducting the Nova Scotia Junior Wind Ensemble, as well as serving on the organizing committee for that group. David is an active musician. He is still very active as a member of the local 36 brigade militia band, and served our community in that role for many years. David is an outstanding member of our community with years of experience and a strong commitment to music education. I highly recommend him for this award and I feel it is highly deserved.                              Nominated by : Nathan Beeler

Chris Ward
Executive Director/Conductor Second Chances Community Band Society of Nova Scotia

Chris was instrumental in the creation of the Second Chances Community Band Society in NS. His expertise and enthusiasm has contributed significantly to the success of the Second Chances programs which have offered musical learning opportunities for adult musicians in the Halifax metro area for eight years. Chris has always championed the role of community bands and has provided support and encouragement to other bands in Nova Scotia and beyond. His engaging conducting style and his willingness to share his musical knowledge in a friendly and supportive environment has resulted in many adults discovering or returning to the joys of music making. Chris has been very active in promoting the goals of the Nova Scotia Band Association and the Canadian Band Association.

Nominated by:
Anthony Sweet and the Board of Directors of the Second Chances
Community Band Society of NS

Paul Hutten
Central Kings Rural High School

Paul Hutten has been teaching for over 20 years in the Annapolis Valley. In addition to building up the Central Kings numbers up significantly since taking the job, Paul also started Acadia Youth Band, our local “honour band” and is a regular and much-loved instruction at Acadia Band Camp. He also has 2 Masters degrees and is working on a 3rd. Paul has piloted new curriculum several times and has been on the lead time in implementing it. Paul is a life-long learner and is always there to help other music teachers, whether visiting classrooms as a mentor, taking on student teachers, or putting on workshops at October conference. Outside of school, Paul is a church organist, choir director, rock band keyboardist, and an amazingly proficient and versatile jack-of-all trades (chef, carpenter, woodsman, etc). The man simply doesn’t sleep.

Nominated by:
Caitlin Quinton

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