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Andrew Alcorn
Retired Music Teacher
E-mail: alcorna@eastlink.ca
Specialties: trumpet & brass clinician, jazz and improvisation, band and brass conductor, new teacher mentor, adjudicator

Mark Bond
Bond Music Repair, owner & repair technician
Location: Mount Uniake
E-mail: mbond@ns.sympatico.ca
Specialties: musical instrument repair

Diane Clarke
Music Teacher, Musquodoboit Rural High School
NSBA, Vice President
Location: HRM
E-mail: ClarkD@hrsb.ca
Specialties: flute clinician

Joe Cormier
Retired Music Teacher
Location: HRM
E-mail: jcormierg3@gmail.com
Specialties: trumpet & brass clinician, band and brass conductor, new teacher mentor, adjudicator

Tristan DeBorba
Conductor, Acadia Symphonic Concert Band
Location: Wolfville
E-mail: tristan.deborba@acadiau.ca
Specialties: saxophone clinician, conductor

Hope Gendron
Music Teacher, George P. Vanier Junior High School
NSBA, Executive Director
Location: HRM
E-mail: nsband@accesswave.ca
Specialties: french horn clinician, conductor, teacher mentor

Dr. Mark Hopkins
Professor, School of Music, Acadia University
NSBA, Past President
Location: Wolfville
E-mail: mark.hopkins@acadiau.ca
Specialties: conductor, trumpet clinician and sound painting

Paul Hutton                                                                                                                  NSBA Member at Large                                                                                                    Music Teacher, Central Kings Rural High School
Location: Kentville
E-Mail: paul@hutten.org
Specialties: trombone clinician

Dr. Greg Irvine
Professor, School of Music, University of Prince Edward Island
Location: Charlottetown, PEI
E-mail: girvine@upei.ca
Specialties: tuba clinician, brass clinician, conducting

Marlene Jackson
Retired Music Teacher
Location: Berwick
E-Mail: mjackson@ns.sympatico.ca
Specialties: new teacher mentor

Ken MacKay
Retired, Music Teacher
Location: HRM
E-Mail: swellguykem@gmail.com
Specialties: alto saxophone clinician

Christina Muise
Music Teacher, Ridgecliff Middle School
NSBA, Treasurer
Location: HRM
E-mail: CMuise@hrsb.ca
Specialties: flute clinician, curriculum studies

Randal Ulmer
Randal Ulmer Brass Repair, owner & instrument repair tech
Location: HRM
E-Mail: randalulmer@gmail.com
Specialties: French horn clinician, brass instrument repair

Chris Ward
Long & McQuade, musical instrument repair technician
Second Chances Community Band, exec director & conductor
Location: HRM
E-mail: eloboesolo@gmail.com
Specialties: oboe & woodwind clinician, concert band conductor, musical instrument repair


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