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Bandmate Chromatic Tuner
Suggested by:  Holly Hartlen

Suggested by:  CBA

Band Directors Talk Shop
Suggested by:  Allison Penwell

Music Mentors International Resources
Suggested by:  Dina Burtt

Do you have a small band with varying instrumentation?

What band charts and or arrangements can you recommend that sound great for a small group?

Some of the Flex Band arrangements are quite good.

What is the best phrase, activity and/or gesture you use to set the stage to prepare your musicians to listen and contribute to the ensemble each rehearsal?

Start from Silence, Start from Stillness

            Do not start your band if anyone is talking, moving or playing.
Breath Together-Start together- Listen together
Hope Gendron

Use Nonverbal Signals by smartmusic.com

A simple arm raised by the conductor indicates all students need to raise their hands or instruments and become silent.  Nothing proceeds until the room is silent. When used consistently and diligently it quiets a noisy room in about 10 seconds.  Develop your own plan and use it every rehearsal every day.


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