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Clinician Registry

NSBA Clinician Registry

Contact these outstanding clinicians for help with your instrumental programs. They are available to work with individual students, groups, full bands and community bands.  NSBA will help you get in touch with other clinicians in your area.

If you would like to be added to the clinician registry, please contact Hope Gendron at:

Dr. Mark Hopkins
Band/Conducting/Adjudicating/Rehearsal Techniques
Jack Chen
Flute, Flute Ensemble

Diane Clarke
Sectionals any instrument Junior High/Band clinic junior high

Tristan De Borba
All Saxophones

Kay Greene
Technology and Music Education/Creativity and Technology/Beginner technique for woodwinds

Ken MacKay
Jazz Band (Style- Interpretation- Improv)/Concert Beginner Band

Pam Paddock
All Bands/Conducting/Woodwind Instruments

Reuben Bauer
Trombone/All Brass Instruments

Nathan Beeler
Band Clinics
Tuba/Low Brass

Joe Cormier
All bands/Brass Instruments

Julie Cuming
French Horn/Brass Instruments

Hope Gendron
All Bands/Brass Instruments
French Horn

Steve Hartlen
All Bands/Brass Instruments/Conducting

David Parker
French Horn/ Brass Ensemble

Zoe Strutt
All Percussion Instruments